Gas Boiler Repair Dublin




Gas Boiler Repair Dublin

Gas Boiler Repair Dublin when you book and pay online. DeWAR Plumbers have directly employed plumbers based in Dublin, who provide a first rate service.
( We only service the Dublin area. )

All Gas boiler repairs are carried out by our RGII registered gas installers in compliance with Irish Standard I.S.813 and current Health & Safety regulations.

The price listed is only available to customers who book and pay online through this website.
All Online Payments are processed safely & securely through Realex Payments.

Booking a Gas Boiler Repair Service at this price is only available between the times of 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday. ( Excluding Public Holidays )
To book a gas boiler repair service out of hours contact the office on Free Phone: 1800 911 333.


Some Helpful Tips before you book:

  • Please ensure all thermostats are turned on.
  • If you have a prepaid gas meter please ensure you have sufficient credit on your meter.
  • Is the electricity supply to the system switched on?
  • Does the clock show the right time?
  • If you have thermostatic valves, are they at the settings you require?
  • Have you tried to reset your boiler? Reset in accordance with the instructions on the boiler.
  • Check other gas appliances such as cookers or gas fires to make sure you definitely have a flow of gas into your home. (If there is no flow of gas, then call/notify your gas supplier.)

How much will it cost?

It’s hard to say exactly how much the repair work will cost (especially if you need parts) but this will give you a guide.

Call-out and basic repair

Plumber Service Van
The first hour of labour is charged at €80.
This payment is made when you are booking the call out.

Additional labour

Plumber Labour
Additional labour is charged at €40 per 30 minutes, the plumber will always talk you through the final cost.


Plumber Repair Parts
If new parts are required, the DeWAR plumber will always tell you the price and get your approval before ordering anything.


DeWAR 24/7 Emergency Dublin Plumbers
DeWAR Plumbers provide a 24/7 emergency plumbing services all over Dublin. Servicing thousands of homes and businesses, DeWAR Dublin Plumbers are directly employed and provide the complete emergency plumbing service.

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