Pump Repair Dublin

Pump repair Dublin, Repairing booster pumps, shower pumps, circulating pumps, pump controls and all related plumbing and electrical work.

Dublin Plumbers repair booster pumps that run water in apartments and houses but we also install new replacement pumps when a pump cannot be repaired. The cost of replacing your water pump is expensive so why not get your pump repaired because it is a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new water pump.

Pump Repair Dublin

Pump Repair Dublin

Replacing a domestic water pump is expensive and in most cases it costs several hundred euro, and then the plumubing installation costs, but in fact most breakdowns are repaired for a fraction of the cost compaired to a replacement one.

The most common faults with water pumps are as follows:

  • Leaking at the shaft
  • Humming or low click noise
  • Pump comes on by itself every few minutes
  • Pump runs constantly
  • Shower not working

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Pump Replacement

If you have low water pressure from taps and showers and wish to boost the water pressure in your home or business.
DeWAR Dublin Plumbers install a range of pumps to increase water pressure.

High quality plastic pumps providing a cost effective solution to boost the performance of showers, taps and multiple outlets within a bathroom
High performance, premium quality brass domestic shower pumps and whole house water pressure boosting pumps.

Fully automated pressured water supply solution for installations that require high flow rates. Suitable for commercial or domestic use, pumping hot or cold water.

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How much will it cost?

It’s hard to say exactly how much the repair work will cost (especially if you need parts) but this will give you a guide.

Call-out and basic repair

Plumber Service Van
The first hour of labour is charged at €100.
This payment is made when you are booking the call out.

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Additional labour

Plumber Labour
Additional labour is charged at €50 per 30 minutes, the plumber will always talk you through the final cost.

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Plumber Repair Parts
If new parts are required, the DeWAR plumber will always tell you the price and get your approval before ordering anything.

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We provide 24/7 emergency Dublin plumbing service to 1000’s of customers for their homes and business all around Dublin.

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