Gas Boiler Service Dublin

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Gas Boiler Service Dublin

Gas Boiler Service Dublin price listed is only available to customers who book and pay online through this website.
( We only service the Dublin area. )

*Please note before booking, if your gas boiler is not working correctly then we are not able to service it, therefore you will need to book a Gas Boiler Repair.

All Online Payments are processed safely & securely through Realex Payments.
All visual checks and tests applied by our Engineers as part of the Gas Boiler Service are in accordance
with IS 813:2002 as laid down by the National Standards Authority of Ireland for domestic gas installations.

The following tests and checks will be applied where relevant/applicable:

Visual Inspection:

  • Check boiler location (is it suitable?)
  • Check for correct ventilation as appropriate
  • Check boiler for visual damage

Boiler Checks:

  • Check for flue spillage where appropriate
  • Check flue condition, routing and terminal location
  • Check condensate drainage system (condensing boilers only)
  • Check appliance clearance from combustible materials
  • Check main burner and clean as necessary
  • Check pilot burner and probes/cables and clean/renew as necessary
  • Check heat exchanger and clean as necessary
  • Check/adjust main burner operation (as per manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Check operation of flame sensing control
  • Check effectiveness of flue with boiler running
  • Check for gas soundness of appliance with boiler running
  • Check for electrical isolation and correct 3-amp fuse is fitted
  • Inspect electrical wiring for damage and correct connection to appliance
  • Check operation of boiler thermostat
  • Check system pressure (as per manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Check and charge expansion vessel (where required)
  • Check flue guard is fitted (where required)
  • Check correct boiler operation including consumer controls (time clock, zone valves, thermostats)
  • Carry out Combustion Efficiency Tests (where appropriate)

On completion of the boiler service and the boiler has been passed our engineer will provide you with a ‘Declaration of Conformance’ Certificate.

Your boiler needs regular servicing to keep running smoothly and avoid breakdowns. The boiler service does not include any additional labour and any parts that may be required to repair the Boiler. If a part and additional labour is required to repair the boiler, this will be quoted for separately.

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